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Lifestyle of a Modern Yogi

July 24, 2017

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What does conscious living mean to you?

May 3, 2018


Recently there’s been a big topic of discussion on living consciously and how we can break free from limiting beliefs. I recently spoke at a Conscious Creative event with The Busy Woman Project on this very important topic. This really resonated with me because growing up as a minority race in South Africa, it was always hard for me to think that I’m good enough to be in the same class or team as my fellow white classmates. As a young adult, I tried out modeling to pay some of my university fees but I landing a role in a show or commercial was not easy as casting agents would say I was not “traditionally Chinese looking” (with small phoenix eyes). To say the least, I’ve had more rejections and failures in my life and having something go my way was always as rare as winning three numbers in a lottery ticket.


What I learned from all the setbacks was how to break free from limiting my own beliefs in myself. I grew up constantly questioning whether I was ever going to be as smart or will I be successful, then turned those thoughts around and acted positively towards any challenges that came my way. So to quickly share with you, here are my four game changing steps for how I turned my self-limiting thoughts into conscious actions:


 1. Start by being aware


Awareness is your first step for transformation. If you are aware that you are limiting yourself, or doubtful of your actions, then being aware of that is already a good starting point. When you also stay present and focus on your current state of mind and feeling, your conscience becomes stronger.


2. Take small actionable steps


So now you’re aware of your mind or your limiting beliefs and have a kinda vague plan of what you should do to take some action. But how do you get started? Take for example, if you’re really unhappy at your work, or in a toxic relationship, once you acknowledge you’re not finding happiness and fulfilment, then you need to take actionable steps to resolve it. Now this may come in the form of talking to your manager and raising what has been making you unhappy or simply seeking another role elsewhere. If this applies to your relationship, then you can consider taking some space apart to rethink if what makes you unhappy is such a big hurdle in the overall picture.


My point is, DO SOMETHING so it can change your mindset about the unsatisfactory situation... even if it’s only a small step.



3. What you do or how you think will become habitual


Starting on a new ritual will take some time for your body and mind to get used to. It’s like asking someone whether it’s easier to brush their teeth twice a day for 5 mins each time compared to sitting and meditating once a day for 10mins. Both are actions that take up 10 mins but what makes brushing your teeth easier to do is the habit of doing it. This applies to your thoughts too... the way you think can be trained. Looking at the glass half full or half empty is all in the mind. If you naturally have a positive outlook or have a more open mind to receiving different thoughts, then facing any situations will not be a challenge but a new venture!



 4. Stay persistent!


This one is the key to success in any aspects of life - not giving up when times are tough and keep going in the face of rejections and failures. The biggest boundarie