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Lifestyle of a Modern Yogi

July 24, 2017

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Practicing the Act of Letting Go

June 19, 2017

As a continuation of my previous blog ‘Everything is Temporary’, I will dive deeper into how we can practice letting go. When you feel like you are no longer happy because you are still stuck in the past or holding on to some thing or person that doesn't serve the current you anymore, how do you let go?



One way to practice letting go of any thoughts or emotions is to stop feeding what you want to let go with more attention. If you react to whatever goes on in your mind, you are reinforcing it and allowing it to stay.


As part of your yoga practice and your daily live, learn to cleanse your mind regularly through meditation, like how you would detox your body.


Mediation sounds very intimidating, especially for those of us who are always occupied and on-the-go. Slowing down and sitting still can often be extremely challenging and time-consuming. But think of meditation as a tool to get rid of toxins in your mind as you would get rid of bad stuff in your body.


In the beginning, many people often think meditation is about controll