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Lifestyle of a Modern Yogi

July 24, 2017

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Everything is Temporary

June 8, 2017

In yoga, we practice ‘non-attachment’, but what does that really mean? We practice any activities routinely so we can get better each time. But yoga isn’t only the physical training (‘āsana’, just one of the eight components of yoga) so how do we practice non-attachment in our daily lives and in our relationships with ourselves and other people?  


Each of us are on our own journey to reach enlightenment, and reaching that is the ultimate detachment from all human forms. It is through our day-to-day practice that we can learn small steps along this journey of detachment.


How often are you attached to something you really like or even dislike? or to certain people in your life? or a type of feeling? Are you comfortable to let go of whatever it is that matters a lot to you?


I certainly find it hard to detach from comfort, from my favorite people and things. Though I know that the more attached I am, the more I need to learn to let it go.



When you remind yourself that everything is temporary, you will learn a greater appreciation for everything and everyone that makes you feel amazing, and you’ll also learn to be more aware of any unnecessary negative emotions.


But remember, just because everything in life is temporary, doesn’t mean you shouldn't go out and create beautiful memories. They are beautiful because they happened at a certain time in your life for a special reason, and once that moment passes, we let go and look forward to experiencing the next.


So, no matter how much you love someone, something or practice. Love enough to detach and know that you will still be fulfilled and happy without it or them. Everything we experience is temporary, so learn to let go and enjoy the flow :)