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Lifestyle of a Modern Yogi

July 24, 2017

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Vinyasa for Cardio, Strength & Stretch.

March 21, 2017

This week, I have created a very effective vlog on how to train for cardio, strength and flexibility all in one!! Practice your vinyasa the way I flow in my video and you're guaranteed to feel a transformation... 


Watch my Vinyasa flow video: 


Tips for you...


1. SAMASTHITI: Stand tall, feet together, tuck in the tailbone, suck in the core, shoulders relaxed and move your head slightly backwards to create a straight line with your neck/spine. Eyes stare a few distance from the tip of your nose.


2. [INHALE] Raise your arms straight above your head, keep your elbows next to your ears.


3. [EXHALE] Join your arms as your bend forward with a straight spine (if you can't reach the floor with a straight spine, then bend your knees so that your palms can touch the floor, eventually, when you become more flexible, you can straighten the legs more).


4. [INHALE] Lift up half way with your body parallel to the floor (at 90degrees with your legs), fingers can either touch the mat or on a part of your legs where you can keep your spine straight. For the more flexible, you can keep your palms on the floor as you raise your chest with a straight back.


5. [EXHALE] Bend your knees slightly, jump back to plank, keeping your whole body engaged and firm, move your shoulders forward, bend your elbows keeping them close to your body (so you feel more of your triceps rather than your shoulders), look in front as you lower down. Shoulders are ideally on slightly above the level of your ankles. Take this movement slow with control.


6. [IHNALE] Move your body forward as you gaze front and slide up to an Upwards Facing Dog. Try get your hip bones and wrists to meet. Contract your buttocks and engage your legs so they do not make contact with the mat. Open your chest with your shoulders down and look back.


7. [EXHALE] Return to your Chaturange (elbows bents close to your body) and push up to a Downward Facing Dog.


8. [Take moderate ujajji breaths] Hands are firmly gripped on your mat, placing weight on the fingers and the palms. No pressure on the wrist. Stick your buttocks in the air to have a straight spine, bend your legs if you are less flexible but don't curve the back to have your heels down. Eventually with time and practice, your body will loosen up!


9. [EXHALE] 

Option 1 (video): Stand on your toes in your downward dog.

Option 2: Bend your knees in your downward dog.


10. [INHALE] 

Option 1 (video): Move your shoulders forward, lift the hips high and pull your weight forward with straight legs to reach between your hands. Lift up halfway as point 4.

Option 2: Hop lightly between your hands. Lift up halfway as point 4.


11. [EXHALE] Bend forward, palms on the mat with a straight back, bend your knees if you need to. Place more weight on your toes rather than your heels.


12. [INHALE] Rise your upper body up from your hips to a standing position with your arms reaching the sky and eyes looking in between your palms.


13. [EXHALE] Bend back by pushing your pelvis forward first, tucking in your tailbone, lifting your chest and extend your arms back.  Keep your legs straight and strong. Come up higher if you feel any pain on your back.


14. [INHALE] Back to point 1.


Repeat these as many times as you like and you'll feel your heart rate rise <3


Happy flowing!!


Love, Cam xx