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Lifestyle of a Modern Yogi

July 24, 2017

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It’s our minds that need to be flexible!

February 1, 2017



I recently travelled to Bohol in the Philippines over Chinese New Year. Now, for those who know, any amazing beaches in the Philippines require an intense amount of effort to get there. However, my journey heading out from Hong Kong was nothing of I had in mind and I only reached my final destination 7 hours later than planned. What happened? Well that’s going to be shared on another day…


And so my holiday did not go according to plan, yoga postures (āsanas) should not have a ‘final destination’. It is a journey to discover your body one breath at a time. Some days we find that we are stronger or more flexible than other days, maybe our practice is better in the afternoon compared to the morning. However we feel when we step on our mat, it takes maturity to understand and accept that we are evolving beings, if we are stuck with how things should be, we will only be disappointed when it doesn’t go the way we had it ‘planned in our mind’. Though, frustration is a normal feeling especially with so much that goes on in our lives, but as we practice yoga more often, we should be aware of our emotions and learn to channel the energy to the right places and be gentle to ourselves.


So what if we don’t reach that deep stretch today and was possible to do it  last week. We should still be kind to ourselves :)  My advise is to not run away from the challenges and discomforts of āsanas, there are probably good anatomic reasons why your body are resistant to some postures and ease into others, rather than avoiding the pain… focus and breathe into it :) That’s it for now, I’m going to catch a snooze on the plane before I land.